Sunday, September 6, 2009

Isn't He Just so Cute

I was at my mom's house last week and while I was there I was un affically elected to watch my cute nephew Brigham and I went down stares to talk to my mom for a few min and I come back and see this. It's a good thing he is cute and we could clean this up.

LoVe SaC

My roomates and I have been looking for a love sac lately and we finally found it so here are some pictures of us on it yay.

fun fun fun

We went to a pool party bbq on friday night so here are some fun pictures we took I hope you enjoy my boy's and me.

It's my Birthday

Last sunday was my birthday and we had a little bit of a party so here are some fun pictures of games we played. My roomates were so so sweet and got me flowers,Balloon's, a pinyata, and a fun silly game of pin the horn on the unicorn. It was a blast we had lots of people come and visited Thank you all for coming and giving me a wonderful birthday I love you all.