Monday, May 31, 2010

Give Away

My good Friend Alayne is doing a give away for her beautiful Jewelry really go Look at it and follow the directions at the end She is just simply wonderful at what she makes and you should really go check it out. I mean what do you have to loose right. The address to get to the give away is.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Tonight I had the the chance to go to my high school for the very last time. There is still going to be an Orem High School that will be great for the new students for sure. It just will not be the hall's and the locker's and the memories that I had when I was in High school. It was hard to say goodbye to the choir room that I spent so many hours in practicing, and feeling the magic that music felt to me and the Photo room that I learned backwards and forwards even when it came to the exact amount of chemical's to put in each bottle for the pictures to develop just right. Also the lunch room and the halls and the hangout places to just have fun and be with friends not to mention all the other classrooms that will be filled with funny comments and wonderful things of knowledge inside of it Just wont be there anymore and when I go to high school reunion's it will be in the new building and our memories will just no longer be there. I will miss you Orem High and I'm glad I got to take a few pictures of you tonight to remember thank you.

Before and After

For about two and a half years give or take a little I have been growing out my hair. I have never had really long hair before or if I had I didn't comprehend it. I thought it was a great thing they do for locks of love so I committed my self to doing it once in my life and now that I have I think I may do it again. I have never been the one to grow out my hair because people my think it would look better I'm kind of more practical and maybe a little selfish when it comes to my hair. I just think what will be easiest for me to keep up with. so I let it get to a certain length and then cut it. It has normally always been pretty short because for me that is what works for me to do. For instance my hair is very very thick which everyone tells me be so thankful for and I am but It sure makes it hard when I need to buy or my mom buy's what is about 3 to 4 conditioner's a month because I have to use so much on my hair. now I will only use about 1 or 2 tops a month. It helps save water that I would have used taking a shower. I also can just blow dry my hair and put a few products in and it looks good for the day instead of always making sure my hair was strait and wasn't flat or look funky on the top every time I saw a mirror. I think my hair just works better when It's shorter if any of you can understand what that really means. Over all I am glad I grew it out and now I am happy to be back to short. here is the before and after pictures.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


So I offically am done with school for probably the next two years. I am ecstatic I love school really I do. I just have had so much on my plat this semester that it was extra hard to balance it all out and now I don't have to. Things I want to stay busy with this summer is though is
A. Working really hard to feel better physicaly and changing my life style.
B. Studing a lot from the scriptures and preach my gospel.
C. Playing a lot with friends who are getting home from there missions and people its been a while seeing.
D. Work really hard and earn money for the mish.
I just love the wonder feeling of relief you have in the summer and the wonderful flower's all around and the great adventures of going to the park and laying on the grass to look at the wonderful clouds that you can laugh at. while listening to some favorite tunes. It just the most wonderful thing in the world. Not to mention that some of my best friends in the world are coming home and I get to spend time with them. Well I'm off for now I will keep you posted more on my adventures soon.