Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's Great to see Friends

This Weekend has been just one to beat not many can do it except when conference comes around its full of fun filled events witch started Friday night for me. Sis. Anderson or Marcy as I call her now came and picked me up along with brother and sister Holmes with us driving up to BYU to not see the Game but to go to a Mission Reunion. I was able to here some great words from the mission president before mine and from some of the elders that served there. I only took a few pictures because people reminded me to. I'm sorry I have just been the biggest slacker ever with pictures but i'll post some up of the sisters that came and some elder's I served with in Huntsville so I hope you enjoy I love you all. Then Saturday and Today was filled with family, Food and CONFERENCE YAY!!!!!!! I love conference So so much its filled with truth and direction in my life and help's me to stay on track with the things I need to be doing at this time in my life who dose not want direction in there lives right. Well I'm off for now to get ready for another Session so enjoy.