Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Love Family

almost a week ago my oldest brother john was here with his family and it is always fun to see them and play with the little rascals when they come, however it isn't very often so we love to soak it up while there here. We did a lot of exciting things we had a fun dinner when they got here Wednesday night and then on Thursday they went to the temple while a family friend and I babysat the kids. then we had family pictures taken that night. On Friday I had to work the grave but had the night off so I stayed home and slept while everyone else went to the pool and then we had a huge extended family and some friends BBQ it was so much fun after everyone left all the siblings went to the new movie inception, which is amazing and you all must see it. Then we all went to bed late so our morning plans got delayed a bit but we had a  big breakfast and was off to salt lake city for the day to go to temple square and had lunch at the gateway. It was a blast to see all of the John and Sarah and the kids one last times before I go on my mission and I am grateful for my family and I love when we get to spend time together I will truly miss you all when I leave on my mission of course here are some funny pictures I took and I will keep you all posted on my mission call witch should be here tomorrow or Thursday.

I guess aunt Jennie wanted a nap just as badly as Zoey huh.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Eventful weekend

This past weekend was a big one for me. On Friday I went to see a movie with my girlfriend Carlie so of course we saw the new eclipse movie. It is definitely the best one of the three. On Saturday it was the third and sense we live in Utah we celebrate the whole weekend when the 4th is on a Sunday. We went to my sister's apartment and had dinner there and they stayed there and watched the fireworks but I went to my friend's house for the fireworks and to here some of his new songs that he wrote. They were wonderful and I will post some of them. There were some interruptions but you can still here the song. On Sunday it was kind of a hard one sense it was the second year sense my dad past away and I had my final interview with the stake president. It went well but the whole thing made me feel very vulnerable and when that happens I get nervous and need to get up and speak. Normally not a reaction you have when that happens but I do. So I went up and boar my testimony that day and I really felt like nothing came out the way I wanted it to. That tends to happen a lot to me so I'm used to it but I just wish sometimes it wouldn't. After church we had dinner and went to my dad's grave where we took pictures I will post some of thous as well. I then got to go to work. Normally that would be a nice thing but sense work has been harder for me lately and with the attitude I had going into it I got really emotional about things that night and it was really hard. I told myself that I would try to make the next day better at work and it was a little bit. mainly because it was two staffed and not just me but after work that night I got to go to this party at my friend Katrina's house and I went with Christine so it made it even better i love celebrating this holiday but sometime during the day I think about what it would be like to be one of the men or woman that goes out and really helps on the front lines, even just helping the people on the front lines. Then I ask how can I help them and make it better we should all try to improve things just in our own comunity everyday so I hope that I will be able to take my own challenge and do this i'll keep you updated on it ocationally. Oh and p.s. My mission Paper's are offically in now I guess we will see when they come if you have any guesses let me know.