Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sense I was 17 or before I Have said that I wanted to go on a mission. Over the year's I have had a few conversations with my siblings, Particularly the ones that went on a mission and I have asked them there thoughts about there missions and what I can maybe expect. It's just now that I have had friends and family asking me if I want to go on a mission and for the past couple of weeks I have had some roller coaster moments where I have prayed to know if I should go and then I have experiences in my institute classes and at church where I feel both I should go and major hesitation's where I shouldn't I know its all up to me and no matter if I go or not it would be a great tool to prepare for one because it helps me in life no matter what I just love this gospel and I know it is true so I should prepare to serve the lord even if it is not full time. I can really be a missionary around here and to many other people with out serving a full time mission and I know I need to keep that into consideration as well It's a huge decision in my life and I know if I put my faith and love into this decision then the lord will bless me and help me to know if it is right.