Monday, March 16, 2015

The love for his child

Hey Y'all, Its Anna here coming at ya with another post you most likely wont finish reading:) just kidding! I really don't care who read's these, simply because there normally random thoughts running through my head that probably only make sense to me!!! However today was my amazing and wonderful cousin Allie's Homecoming today and let me tell ya how much I love this girl! She has been a rock in my life that will never ever move:) Thank Goodness for amazing examples of hard work, dedication, love, kindness, firm testimony, Happily Enduring through tough trials and beautiful daughter's of god in my life and in my family right! She has gone through a lot and yet she still smiles, she still continues forward and she does it with a huge heart and beautiful from the inside out! I cannot fully express how much love I have for this cousin of mine and I can't wait to see where she is headed to next in her life:)
 Other thoughts in my head as of lately are, I have felt kinda misunderstood a little bit and the only person that can truly heal my heart is me and my brother Jesus Christ, why you might ask? Because he already has! He came too this earth thousands of years ago to live and set the perfect example of a perfect life and it was through his endless love that he did just that and with perfect grace and virtue for each person he not only came in contact with but with those who didn't really meet him or see him the way that he really is and that is perfect! He loves each one of us so deeply that he made the unthinkable for each one of us, he gave away his comfort, his life and his own natural man tendencies he may once have had to bear each of our pain's afflictions and temptations for each one of us in a few hours of his life! He was then physically beaten and killed by children of god that had no idea what he had just done for them and made possible to repent! I am grateful for my heavenly father and by beloved brother, best teammate, Savior, and Brother who made it even possible for me to take the steps he has taught me and repent of the sin's that I have made mistakes I have made and turn me into the beautiful daughter of god that he has always seen in me!
   I am grateful for the eternal blessings of god's one and true gospel on this earth today and the blessings that learning each new principle has brought into my life! It is incredible the Truth and the light and the love that god has for each one of his children and the way he show's it to me in my life! When I have been feeling so compleatly alone in my life I literally feel as though the only one that really can  and will bring me to feel happiness and love in my life is my best friend and brother Jesus Christ and I literally just have to grab hold and know that his hand is stretched out still! I love my Heavenly Father, my Brother Jesus Christ and The absolutely incredible children of god he has placed in my life at this particular moment in time! Happy Sabbath Y'all!

Blessings Always
Anna Wilder

Monday, January 19, 2015


    It started on the first day I remembered getting the day off school in elementary school, I distinctly remember asking my teacher on friday afternoon, why we all didn't have school on monday and she took the opportunity to tell us about martin luther king jr and how he stood up for freedom! 
   As I was watching the new movie that just came out about Martin Luther King Jr called Selma I knew how 
much I wanted to see this movie and as I was watching it with my good friend the other day I couldn't help 
but notice how wise he was portrayed in this movie! He taught with conviction and power that was so kind 
and understanding of the freedoms that we all should have in our lives and he did it without retaliation towards 
any of the individuals who did commit any of the horrible crimes of hate and murderings of all those who stood 
up for the freedoms that everyone else was given! 
    I am and will be forever grateful for the blessings that Martin Luther King Jr stood up for and the people 
who I have been able to learn from and love when he lead the civil rights movement with love and wisdom and 
true leadership! He is an amazing human being who helped change the course of history for the better. 
   I am grateful for the blessing of coming to know the good people of Alabama and serve in montgomery where 
so many of the civil rights movements took place and know that although we have so much more to improve in
bringing about the freedoms that we all are searching for in each of our lives I am grateful for the amazing and 
Beautiful people I have had the privilege to meet and learn from their experiences in the civil rights movement
 I hope y'all have had a wonderful day and are enjoying the freedoms that we all have in our lives each day! 


Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings:)!!!

On this 5th day of a new year, I am in the mood to write!!! One of my favorite things in life is writing:) I am able to say what I want to say and express what I am truly feeling in my life here and my only concern about it is if I am going to be able to express exactly what I feel without compleatly boring all of you!!!
  Here are my current thoughts in life though!
   1. I am starting this spring semester of my Jr Year of my undergraduate work and I am excited for my classes I am taking this next semester. I am taking a family financial resources class and although I haven't actually been to the class just yet ( all my classes happen on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this semester!) I am excited to learn more about skills that can help me in my everyday life right now and for the future! I am also taking family education methodology class to help my writing even more! there are many other classes that I am excited to take this next semester but the point of me writing about any of these classes to you is because I have been asked on multiple occasions what I will do with this major or what I am doing with my life right now and I want them to know that yes this bachelors degree may seem to them as just a sad excuse to be a glorified mom someday! What can I do with that right now, right? when I'm currently not married, not dating anyone seriously or even focusing on being a mother for a few more years right! Well my explanation to all of them is these are classes and valuable skills for anyone at any age and can open doors to all different job opportunities in my life whether I ever get married and have a family here on this earth:) This major open's so many opportunities for me to become the best me and do what I love and that is an incredible gift to have in my life. I have discovered more about my self in the last year taking courses for this major  then I ever have throughout my entire life! It has been a great adventure and more life changing for me than I ever thought it could be!
2. Another thought on these feelings in my life is God Is Good! Yes I am getting all spiritual here! Life is always changing and it is our responsibility to make the most of it for ourselves and ourselves only:) This is easier said then done and I will be the first to admit that! my six grade teacher always told me " Life is Hard and then you Die!" I think that was probably one of the best things I have ever learned from a teacher in my life thus far! It is the saying that keeps teaching me and I love that feeling because it is universal and apply's to so much that we do in between everything that we can decide for our lives! I have been really blessed to have so many opportunities to grow and learn from my triles that I have experienced in my life and grow into the daughter of god that I know I am and the love and peace that comes with that knowledge. I know that there is a god and that he has created this beautiful earth that we live in and he made it possible for me to have come to this earth during the perfect time and feel the love that he has for each one of us! I am grateful for my brother Jesus Christ who gave me the ability to have the greatest and hardest gift I have been given in this life and that is Agency and the ability to choose EVERYTHING that I do, say, act on and love in my life! God really is real and he has made it possible for me to do good and make my life the life that I choose!
3. I have been making changes for me and figuring out what it is that I want to accomplish in my life! I love to learn so that Is why I am in school getting a degree that will help bless me forever in what ever I choose to do in my life and It is wonderful! I am also currently loving going out and serving in so many different places around my community! Its so fun and provides even more knowledge for me to experience and decide what I really do love and what I can do in this life! Some other hobbies i am currently loving is looking up new recipes to cook and actually improve my cooking skills! I love too cook, however I have never had a lot of experience with it so that is something I want to explore in my life more! I won't boar you to much longer here but I really just wanted to express more of me and express more of my love for so much in this amazing life that we have each been given!