Thursday, July 19, 2012


So i officially moved out to Logan, ehhh its been really good:) I have only been there for a few weeks and then I am back home for a few day's before I go to California for my nephew's blessing :)  (More to come on that one later on but Some Thoughts on my head as of late are these: For One I am so so blessed in my life, Why you may ask? Well I know with out a doubt that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true and how amazing it is to feel that truth everyday of my life. If I continue with goals and my Desire to know my  Brother Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven to lead and guide me to new and  unimaginable Happiness that I couldn't find on my own. It is threw really pondering and coming up with new Idea's that I know where from god and not myself because it end's up to be a huge tender mercy in my life :) I have thought about what tender mercy's are to me and to sum it up in my own words. Its when something in your life that you feel might be Coincident's but are led by the Spirit of Christ and you can recognize that threw the  choices you make or have made that it was no coincident that you were led to that answer in your life. It is quite the process in my opinion but I feel so blessed to recognize that it happens in my life and its only that way threw Jesus Christ in my life. Something else I am incredibly Grateful for in my life is my Family. Each one of them is so different and was brought into my life to help me continue to learn and grow to become a better Child of God :) Witch brings me to another reason why I am so so blessed and that is I know I am A Child of God. I will admit I think I took that for granted for a very long time and I still need to remember that when things go wrong or I feel a little more insecure then I would like to admit but knowing this in my life helps me change those feelings a lot quicker then if I still was mopping and complaining all the time and help's me to understand that I do truly have a purpose here. I love that I have the  chance to be goofy and crazy sometime and feel so loved by my friends. I love that there are so many people to get to know all the time and when you really take the time to get to know them then you grow as well. I love the feeling of always being able to learn and teach in our lives and looking at each situation that we have in our lives and being able to see that maybe our perception of that experience isn't what was intended at all and then figuring out how we can use that to help us grow as the person that we would like to become and someday you might just change someone else's perception for there growth. I love when even you think you messed up that you can always learn from that and it may just be what someone else needed to get back up on there feet. I love Music, I love People, I love my Trials ( Yes you herd me right), I love Food, I love to Cook, I love other's who Cook, I love New Adventures, I love Learning, I love Teaching, I love Change, I love Planning, I love Organization, I love TV, I love all Modern Technology. Most of all I love my Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and all that it is here on the earth today. Life Is a good thing isn't it :)