Saturday, November 12, 2011

Catching Up

It's been a while sense I blogged so I wanted to Catch you up on happenings in my life as of lately. Its been great to see some family and friends I haven't in a while and go to party's for the Holiday season. I also had a neice born in October and so we had a shower for my sister in law witch was very fun. I just have been enjoying life. I was excited to celebrate Halloween with some good friends and some new ones at a Halloween party Katie had so I will put a few pictures from that up and after Halloween I worked hard to find a job and I succeeded because I started my new job at a day program for special needs its the most perfect job for me right now and I am so excited to actually start working with them more. I have stayed busy with some other medical appointments that have been helping me get back to normal so that has been great and now I am just registering for school this next semester and I am kind of excited to get back into school again and have some new experiences in my life. Its been a crazy time and so much fun as well. Here are some pictures of my recent happenings so I hope you enjoy 
                                               Love and Blessing's 
                                                  Always Anna