Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Bucket List

The wonderful Lauren Hillman gave me this Idea and I thought it was wonderful so i made my list so here it goes
Anna’s Bucket List
1.Travel The World
2.Graduate Collage with my associates and maybe with my Bachelors by the time I am 25.
3.Go on a mission ether when I’m 21 or with my husband when where older.
4.Go bungee jumping on my 21st Birthday.
5.Get Married
6.Have at least two preferably 4 kids
7.Write 5 songs of my own and record them.
8.Learn how to play the guitar
9.Take piano lesson’s again
10.Have one day to be completely spontaneous and do something I would never do.
11.Go on a spontaneous road trip with my husband
12.Be able to sing my songs in front of a big crowd
13.Go to my 50th high school reunion.
14.Buy my own dream Car which happens to be a SUV Hybrid
15.Buy a Home with my husband and be debt free of it for the rest of our lives.
16.Be able to get a very small house or time share in cuttyhunk and go there during the summer's
17.Live in Boston for period of time.
18.Learn how to love to hike and be more outdoorsy.
19.Go to Lake Powell and hopefully continue going.
20. make a national parks trip in Utah

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Down Two to Go

Today I took my final for math and I think I did well yay I am done with school for a whole day and a half ha. I start my next two classes on Friday morning I am just glad I am done with math for a wile. I learned a lot and I will miss that class but im glad to move on to my new school schedule for the next 7 and a half weeks of summer with health and my music class I'm hoping it will be a good experience and I will keep you informed about how they go.

Family Reunion

Last week starting Thursday morning we started our annual Humphrey Reunion for my mom side. It was so much fun and we made lots of memory's. We started out going to the new okure temple open house we all went through it and I couldn't believe how different and beautiful it was I wouldn't mind getting married there because its so different and beautiful. I took a few pictures of it out side and of the fountain that was there so I hope you enjoy those also I took a few pictures of Brigham and Zoey before we went out to dinner that night up there. The next day we did The Amazing Humphrey Race which was set in the Sandy/Salt Lake area and it was a little Family history fun over all we all had a great time.Here are those pictures and I hope you enjoy.

Beauty and The Beast

On saturday night my mom, Christine and I went to beauty and the beast at the scera shell. Christine's old roommate Emily was bell and I went to high school with her. I thought it was absolutely amazing and so well done and here are a few pictures of people we knew in the play so enjoy them cause we know we did.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Zoey Adele

Most of you know that my sister just had her little baby girl on Friday morning and I honestly have to say how happy I am for Karalee and Paul and how I really am so proud of Karalee I really look up to her for a lot of things and this will definitely be on the top of things. Zoey Adele Mcneil is her name and she reminds me kind of what I looked like when I was a baby at least what I can see from my pictures ha ha she was kind of purple when she was born mainly on her head because it was really bruised and I was purple cause I guess I didn't get enough oxygen and she has the big kissable cheaks that I don't think have ever left me ha ha hopefully they will go away for her ha ha she kind of doesn't have a neck but that is kind of a trait with all baby's I think we will have to see if it sticks with her like mine did ha she is a beautiful girl and I would love to show you these pictures now so you can enjoy her pretty face and smile enjoy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Fest 09

This past weekend was Orem's annual summer fest. It was great that I got to go to it last night sense I had to work on Friday night. it was so much fun to go see the parade and go on rides with Carlie and then sense we got pretty wet we decided to go home and forget about the fireworks but then we ran into sis. southerland and her daughter and some of the girls in our homeward started talking showed pictures of things and then they decided they wanted to go see the fireworks so we all jumped in there van went over and watched the fireworks and came back home. It was a great night and we had lots of fun and here are some fun pictures and video's to show ya so enjoy.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

Last night was a very full night for me it was so much fun thou. I went on a date with my good friend Scott and we went to the Kelly Clarkson concert. It was a blast. we absolutely loved her and she was so great with the audience. Over all amazing concert. I will try and put a video I have from it or something. Sorry if I sound horrible I was just kind of saying the words not knowing how I sounded ha ha. Then later that night we went and saw the new angle's and demons movie and I really enjoyed it. I didn't think I would but it was really well done I think. We took lots of pictures and video's so here are a few. also we took pictures at the movie theater with harry potter ppl from the big on display thing. So I will put those up. Hope you enjoy oh and another thing my sister finally had her baby so a post will be up very soon of pictures after I see my cute niece Zoey.