Thursday, June 24, 2010

Each Life that touches Our's for good

This past week has kind of been a hard one for me I work both Sunday and Monday nights at my job and if you hadn't herd what I do before i work for a company called chrysalis that has a lot of different homes filled with wonderful and very special grownups. Well one of these guy's that I work with past away this Tuesday morning. I saw him Sunday night before he went to bed and then I came in on Monday he was still at the hospital because he went in for an early and simple procedure and they were waiting for him to wake up. His body however did not respond the way it should have. When I woke up on Tuesday morning I got a text message from my boss saying he developed pneumonia that night and we were to prepare for the worst. I asked her if we could visit and she gave me the info to where he was. I was getting ready to go see him when I got another text that said he passed away a few minutes before. I didn't believe it. I know we are supposed to not get to attached to them and that this happens but to an extent if you don't get attached then your probably not doing your job just right(Not that I am perfect at my job, because I know I'm not). I got to work with this individual closely at special Olympics this year and it was a blast. I will really miss him but I'm really glad I have had the chance to get to know him. Here are some pictures of him and us at work. I will truly miss you randy and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your life and learn so much about you and yours. 

Monday, June 14, 2010


Summer fest was a blast this year I got to volunteer for it sense my old institute teacher that I have known for years now asked me if I could help. I got to check in anyone who actually decided to come do what they where supposed to for there flouts or car's for the big parade. Then I joined in the festivities with Carlie and it was exciting we went on the fares wheel and watched the fireworks over all great night and very exciting. Here are some pictures of me and Carlie and a little glimpse at how scared Carlie actually got on the ride.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zoey's Birthday

It was my wonderful niece's birthday on Saturday and we celebrated by going to the zoo. It was so much fun going up with my mom, sister and my nephew. He is just quite the fun and goofy little boy. He kept saying grandma where's the zoo throughout the hour drive and when I would respond he said that's grandma I would proceed to say I know but grandma is busy right now. When we got up there we met up with the birthday girl and her parents. Even though the wind and a few drop's of rain where there we didn't keep us from having fun. we got to see lots of the animal's and ride on some fun animals as well. We had a great time at the zoo. Later that night I couldn't stay for cake and ice cream because I told one of my old institute teacher's I would help his wife out with the summer fest so that's where I was after the zoo and then I went and had some summer fest fun with Carlie again. Of course I have pictures and video's to share so enjoy.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summertime with Best Friends

This week has been a very eventful one and I'm so excited for it to continue. I got to meet David Archuleta on Tuesday and have him sign my book that he wrote wile staying out side getting burnt for hours. It was worth it though. The Past two Wednesday's I have gone up the canyon with some friends for bonfires and last night It was all about my girl friends Heather and Christine. We took a ton of goofy goofy pictures together and had fun playing ultimate Frisbee and eating s'mores and Jamming out to some very interesting instruments and singing. It was just a great night over all. I cant wait to go to other ones this summer. I will post some pictures and video's of some great things from this week it is continuing tonight with my bishop interview to finalize my mission papers and tomorrow I get to go to my wonderful friend's Wedding reception. I love my friend Brynn and I'm so glad she met Sean and they are getting married. I don't really know him but I can just tell that I know him enough that he is perfect for Brynn. I will post pictures later.