Monday, June 30, 2014

Know Your Worth

This Particular blog post is named after the song that keeps me going in my life right now:) A very good friend sang it to me in the basement of another friends house in high school right before he sang it for me and I believe 15 other ladies in my seminary class the next week and many times afterwords. When he told me it was going to be recorded and I was getting the very first copy of it, I honestly was on cloud 15.  This song gave me peace of mind in my life and an assurance that I am very loved. For the record though... It still does.
         If there is one thing that I always say that I know for a fact in my life it is that god loves me and loves each one of his children the same amount. He wouldn't have atoned for our sins and our heartbreaks if he didn't.  My very sweet relief society pres came to see me yesterday and we both had the privilege of serving in the south on our missions and she said something that I have also said sense my mission. When it rains it pours. Then I remembered one of my favorite activities to do and biggest tender mercies there ever is in my opinion, when its raining I get to go out and jump around in the puddles and dance in it. I then came up with the saying When it rains it Pours, but there is no reason not to go dance in the rain. So now I'm trying to stay positive and think of the tender mercies that I am receiving right now in my life.
          1. I have an amazing family and some of which are here in utah that normally aren't and that is a                      blessing for me right now.
          2. I dare you to find me better friends then I have surrounding me right now!!! Seriously though.
          3. I have an amazing support system within my ward family:)
          4. I have a job!!!!!!!
          5. I have truth about the only true gospel on this earth and I know that.
      This life will have obstacles to overcome and mountains to climb but I do know it is always made possible through the miracles that he is just waiting to give you and me everyday as we put our time in his and know that his way is always the best way.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Healing Power of God's Love

In a way I've know my weaknesses sense a very young age. I have just choose to take what comes of it as the easy way out, a lot. Some of my guilty pleasures include pretty much any nicholas sparks movie, chocolate of any kind and a lot of it. I also love to bake, mostly sweets so you could say that this is a weakness as well, for me though I love doing it for others and that has been known as an act of service. I really believe in good and in doing good as well. I dream and imagine of what great deeds I can do everyday but then somehow they just become thoughts and it ends up making me sad because I don't act on those thoughts sometimes. I work hard and I do things that I feel are most important in my life because they help me feel peace and comfort when I am in need of it most. as I was serving my mission in alabama, I felt completely at peace with what I was doing because I knew it was good and was what would make me feel real happiness. I think i have tried to feel that happiness for quite some time now.  We are all on our own unique journey in this crazy life. So why do I fall into the trap of doing things and saying things sometimes when I don't feel they are actually worth my time?
    I know I am my own worst critic in life because I'm the only one who makes those decisions and those choices for me. I had an experience while in Alabama that changed my determination in this life and wish it was still as strong of a feeling in my heart as it was then. I had the privilege to have the most understanding mission president ever. He was genuinely concerned about each one of us and would do everything possible to help each one of us know the power of our choices. He along with my family during this time of my life changed my view on creating the life I know I am ment to live. God Is Good, Always and Forever. I am reminded about this beautiful gift each and every time I am at the temple, Because the house of the lord is a place of true beauty and a house of peace and love. This is why I am eternally grateful for my saviors houses on this earth and the ability to be challenged to always feel that beauty that he has intended for me to feel in this life.
   I am a beautiful daughter of god. Because I feel that truth each day of the life god has blessed me with. I know that he blesses me in my weaknesses and in my trials which happen to be a whole lot of food and doubt creeping into my life at this particular time. So how do I change it. I have learned that doubt and fear are the direct result of satan and his power of creeping into our lives. Misery really does love company and the way to get rid of this is to feel my life with truth and virtuous thoughts and actions. I am striving to find more truth each day of my life and for the most part I know that is what has kept me going in this life. Its been the true love of god shining light when I didn't feel like I had any left.
   I started working out early again this morning with my good friend and it honestly was an awesome feeling. I also attended the beautiful temple tonight and I know that it was exactly what I needed. Now I will go and spend my weekend feeling excited to have each blessing that I have been given in my life. It comes in just an instant and can change the way you think about everything. No matter how hard something seems to be in the moment I truly believe that I can come out of the feeling of despair because god loves me and I just need to believe and act on that belief until I come to know the blessings of it all. I am embarking on a slow and steady change within myself this coming year and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so with the lord by my side. I know he is there and is my ultimate cheerleader and my confidant, he is my best friend and who I turn too everyday to tell everything I am feeling and everything that I need to improve upon in my life.
        I am on a journey that will be the most challenging one to date in my life because I have never taken the time to do so yet, but I also know that with the lord by my side that I will always find happiness as I seek truth and real happiness in my life. Thank you all for being examples of this and for helping me along the journey.



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Obtaining my desires through Faith In God

As a warning this post will be a very long one that will probably make no sense to most. If you read through it though, Bless You!!!! As I am sitting here in my institute class simply amazed at the truth that my amazing teacher is teaching to me; I see the best way for me to explain where I am headed in my life with the gifts of the spirit that he is teaching me about is too write it.
     He just challenged each of us to find a level of faith to seek and improve on that I know is obtainable. The moment I saw the third way of faith I knew that's what I needed to work on in my life. It is to become gods instrument through his will. I know it is only possible through sinsear prayer and believing in my self to accomplish hard things in my life. 
     I am currently overweight. This is hard to say to my self let alone to potential readers but without saying this outloud, I won't make the changes that I have a strong desire to chang in one of my current triles in life. Through obtaining knowledge and believing in my mind over matter is the way for me to obtain my very real goal to feel more of the spirit and feel better about myself for me! Not for anyone else but for me. I know this is a sincere desire of my heat today, tomorrow and for as long as it takes to feel that blessing because I know it is truth and I know through god ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!! I love truth and I know god wants me to embody this truth in my life. 
     There are a lot of true desires that I have in my life right now. I know finishing school in 3 more semesters is one of them:)!!! I am taking steps in my life to obtain this goal and yes I also believe this brings speed bumps and hardships along my way on this journey, however I believe everyone of those speed bumps are there for my good and will make me stronger on my journey. I need more faith :) it's that simple!!! I need more faith in god and his love, blessings, knowledge and Truth he has given to me to achieve my goals in this life. I love truth and I believe it is the way to help me reach this goal to loose 85 pounds in the next year of my life and continue to be strong in staying healthy throughout my life:)
     I will be going through a long awaited surgery this summer in my left knee and although this is one of those speed bumps I will have I know it is for my good and will help make me that much stronger in my life. I am greatful for the blessings and talents of others to help me through this speed bump and for the teachings of my best friend and brother who is always there when I need him. I'll keep y'all updated on my journey of feeling healthy again and on my journey along the way as well. Have a blessed day now:)!!!