Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just kidding

I think I jumped the gun when I put that last post on here. Mainly because right after I posted it the lady that is in charge of the company hiring called me and said sorry I didn't get the job at the one house that rejected me but that she had another home that still needs people to work there so she referd me to her and she called me yesterday and wants me to start today so I went from being really really sad and mad to exstatic because I have a job and I start today in about two hours. I am so excited. Also later last night I went on my email and it said that one of my text books sold on amazon so Im supper supper happy about that and I really am so greatful to have my prayer's answered it sounds corny but if you knew how badly I need this job I think you would understand. I am also greatful that I learned the lesion that all good things happen in good time and that I needed to learn my lesion ha. I am so happy I got this job and i will definitly be writing more post about upcoming events or fun stuff on my blog.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Help Wanted

I really really need a job badly so if any of you know any were thats hiring in the orem area pls tell me because I need one really soon thanks everyone I love you all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Arr Mate Lets get are groove on\ goodbye party for Austin

last friday I went to a dance that was Piret theamed so I dressed up as much as I could and Carlie taged along so we took some pictures before we left and here they are to enjoy. We had a blast at this dance and it was so so so much fun I hope they do it again. enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think about them ok. This is kind of delayed but I forgot I had these pictures and video's of Austin's goodbye party. He had it at his house the night before he went to Cali to find out where he was going and what he was doing for the air force I believe it is. He is going to North Carolina for speical training and just left this week to go I believe I will have to corect my self if I find out im wrong. Here are some pictures we took of the food he had because I am going off surger for 6 mounths so katie wanted to rub it in my face then ha ha enjoy them and enjoy the funny video's we made ha ha yay something I could have

Martin Luthur King Jr Day

Yesterday Monday January 19th we celibrate Martin Luthur King Jr Day and I love this day. For one I think it is very historic for all the blacks and any one who was directly effected by it, for the good of course. I have all ways loved history and lerning about it. Sometime I feel dumb asking questions I should probably know the answer to like just a few years ago I asked my mom. Why do we celibrate the 24th of July? I guess that is Utah History but I still should have known I guess sense I have lived here my whole life. I just love finding out something that happend before I was even born and relate it to my life. Another reason I love this day is because you basicly have a free day to do what ever with friends and family or how you please its great. I was going to go to the Draper Temple Dedication but we ended up not having enof tickets for it. So me and some friends went and saw the movie Yes Man. I Absolutly Love this movie it was so so good I recommend it to any one who is wanting to laugh your head off and here a good story to it. After the movie we went shoping, Well Katie went shoping and me and carlie took pictures of funny stuff that ended up happening I will save you the descrestion but it was pretty funny. Here are some picturs that we did take thou so enjoy oh and I just got to say one thing about the red pants that katie tryed on. They were hot and I think she should have got them but I guess peer pressure cut it to that.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sad Day

If you haven't herd. Im not going to Israel any more because of the recent war's going on but I am probably going to take a trip to some of Europe later this year or in the middle durring summer with my mom when she doesn't have work so we will see. I will keep you posted.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years

Hey everyone I hope you had an amazing new year's eve and lots of fun. I know I had lots and I am so excited to here from all of you and see what you did ok thanks and here are some pictures me and some friends took thanks enjoy your 2009 and I hope it is amazing for all of you.