Saturday, August 14, 2010


This Past week my mom and I went to Saint Louis To help my sister Karalee and her family Paul and Zoey move and we did some really fun things and then Said our goodbyes. It was particularly hard for me because I will not get to see them for a few years and I just love Karalee so much. Karalee is my sister just older then me and I have always looked up to here and all that she has done with her life. Her example is a huge part of why I am going on my mission witch is kind of Ironic sense she is the only person in our family who didn't go on one but her Strength and example has meant more then anything. Thank you so much Karalee. 

Mission Call

First off I have to say so sorry for the delay on this post it is long overdue but better late then never right. So here it is I got my mission call a few weeks ago so take a look at this video and enjoy.
My good friend Heather got her mission call the same day