Monday, May 7, 2012

Bucket list for the next chapter of my life

So I know I haven't been putting the most positive blogs up lately and I don't understand it because I really am a happy person. I promise you this. So I decided to change this one up a bit by putting some goals I have been thinking about lately seeing as I am a little behind on the learning curve. So My bucket list for the next five years of my life is to...( In no Particular order)
1. Graduate with a bachelors degree in something to help further my knowledge and Life.
2. Pay off my car and student loans during this next 5 years.
3. Travle with my friends and/or family to New York City, Italy, and possibly other European country's and possibly cabo or other awesome Tropical Island. Oh and back to Alabama a few other times as well.
4. Go on more adventures like Hiking, Biking, Camping, And help other's
5. Find a wonderful man whom I love and get married
6. Be more open minded to experiencing new food, activities and way's of living.
7. Loose 80 lb and keep it off healthily(aka make this my lifestyle change)
8. Find more Volunteer Opportunities and fully commit to do them.
9. Become more Virtuous, Honest, and Trustworthy to all in my life.
10. Love Always, Live much, and Laugh Often.