Friday, November 2, 2012

Lifes great adventures

This Semester of School has brought to me so many life lessons and experiences and It continues to go on:) I Just completed all my mid term projects and it feels great to have done so and bring up my grades a bit along with it. I am super excited to finish out this semester and onto new classes next semester. I am in a really good place in my life right now and I look forward to continue with my goals and desires for this school year. I have been working hard and helping serve around me. Although I wish to continue with more volunteer with others around me in my life, as well as becoming more intune with the spirit to continue with my bucket list of getting out of debt with student loans and going more towards my major and responsibilities with classes. I'm so so close and I can almost taste it. I am excited for new challenges and new adventures as well. So stay tuned as I do more blogging with more pictures to come all right.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hey Y'all I know I haven't been up to date so well with the blogging scene if there is anybody who actually reads it anywho. This new semester up at utah state has been a crazy one for me. a few reasons why is because of my job I have been working for chrysalis again up here and loved it to pieces but something I didn't enjoy again were grave shifts:) You can imagine how hard it is to work a grave shift while in school and not adjusted to a completely new environment it can be a challenge. So I was able to talk to my bishop and he recommended that I check out the job program at deseret industries and I did and I am now working for them while working on job skills to find other jobs for the future to better suit my needs at this time in my life. It has been a challenge the last couple of weeks to do both jobs but I have made it through and I will have a more conducive schedule now to be able to focus on my schooling and have more opportunities to meet new friends here. I need that more than ever right now as I am finding out more about myself and coming to know what I can do in my life. Its been fun to see the challenges, big or small I was and am more able to not get as sidetracked on things that are hard and i'm able to work around the obstacles this move has brought to me and in turn I am able to make the steps to changing them in time and with the lord with me everyday. I know I couldn't do it without him and I am so grateful for the wonderful people I have been able to meet and figure out my life. It's been a stretch in my life for sure but I am so grateful for the lord in my life and the blessings it has brought me to learn and grow in this time of my life. I know i'm most likely boring you now I just have been thinking how much I wanted to write down my thoughts and how truly blessed I am to have that right as well as the right to say what I need to and love you all and the blessings that come from you all in my life. Thank You For Being such wonderful people in my life:)

Thursday, July 19, 2012


So i officially moved out to Logan, ehhh its been really good:) I have only been there for a few weeks and then I am back home for a few day's before I go to California for my nephew's blessing :)  (More to come on that one later on but Some Thoughts on my head as of late are these: For One I am so so blessed in my life, Why you may ask? Well I know with out a doubt that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true and how amazing it is to feel that truth everyday of my life. If I continue with goals and my Desire to know my  Brother Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven to lead and guide me to new and  unimaginable Happiness that I couldn't find on my own. It is threw really pondering and coming up with new Idea's that I know where from god and not myself because it end's up to be a huge tender mercy in my life :) I have thought about what tender mercy's are to me and to sum it up in my own words. Its when something in your life that you feel might be Coincident's but are led by the Spirit of Christ and you can recognize that threw the  choices you make or have made that it was no coincident that you were led to that answer in your life. It is quite the process in my opinion but I feel so blessed to recognize that it happens in my life and its only that way threw Jesus Christ in my life. Something else I am incredibly Grateful for in my life is my Family. Each one of them is so different and was brought into my life to help me continue to learn and grow to become a better Child of God :) Witch brings me to another reason why I am so so blessed and that is I know I am A Child of God. I will admit I think I took that for granted for a very long time and I still need to remember that when things go wrong or I feel a little more insecure then I would like to admit but knowing this in my life helps me change those feelings a lot quicker then if I still was mopping and complaining all the time and help's me to understand that I do truly have a purpose here. I love that I have the  chance to be goofy and crazy sometime and feel so loved by my friends. I love that there are so many people to get to know all the time and when you really take the time to get to know them then you grow as well. I love the feeling of always being able to learn and teach in our lives and looking at each situation that we have in our lives and being able to see that maybe our perception of that experience isn't what was intended at all and then figuring out how we can use that to help us grow as the person that we would like to become and someday you might just change someone else's perception for there growth. I love when even you think you messed up that you can always learn from that and it may just be what someone else needed to get back up on there feet. I love Music, I love People, I love my Trials ( Yes you herd me right), I love Food, I love to Cook, I love other's who Cook, I love New Adventures, I love Learning, I love Teaching, I love Change, I love Planning, I love Organization, I love TV, I love all Modern Technology. Most of all I love my Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and all that it is here on the earth today. Life Is a good thing isn't it :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life: Such a Blessing

This summer has been a great one for me so far and been filled with love and wonderful memories and more to come. I am about to move up to Logan with one of my favorite people in this world I first met her in the mtc when she was in my district where all of us would be going to Alabama. I however had some health problems arise and so to help my companion switch it up a bit and get to go learn while I was re cooperating we rotated companions and so Sis. Spendlove stepped in for a while and we really got to know each other and became friends. That continued threw out the mission. When I told her I would be coming to Utah State this fall we Talked about becoming roommates and now that has became a reality. I am so thankful for her and the example she has given to me in my life. I am excited to share this experience with her and more pictures will be coming but for now I will post some we took in the mtc I hope you enjoy. 

My Heart of Dixie

 At the Beginning of June My mom and I had the wonderful privilege of going back to my mission for a few weeks. It was simply amazing and so much fun to have my mom experience some of the things that I was able to do in my mission and other things I wasn't able to do there but could now. I never thought that I would watch not just one but two movies in the theaters where I served my mission and both where wonderful movies and so happy we could go to them. More then that though my mom got to meet some of the people that had a huge part in helping us teach while I was there along with others that we taught and catch up with them. I love this place and hope to go back again soon I love y'all so much and you will forever have a piece of my heart with you and there in Alabama. I miss it but here are some pictures of our adventures so I hope you enjoy.  

Martin Luther King Jr lived here. 

Where MLK Jr.  Preached 
State Capitol  In Montgomery 

The Beautiful Master bedroom in
 the first white house of the confederacy

The First White House of The Confederacy
 (Small don't you think)

Sis. Backus and I
Love her and her family so so much. 

Rosetta and I 

Patrice and I 

The Lunch Bunch Crew Love them all so so much

oh my sis. mcneil and I 

Lauren, her son and I:)

The huge rocket inside of The Space and Rocket Museum 

I'm an Astronaut woot woot

Nice little set up for the rocket 

Me when we first got there. 

Sis. Christensen and I at zaxby's yum yum 

A giant turtle sceliton at the McWayne center


Tripy right ha find out how this works on the movie
Temple Granden 

playing the string less harp

Sis. Eggett aka Sarah and I in front of the mission home
(My last companion and I where here at the same time) 

Sis. Holzapfel, Me and Pres. Holzapfel 

Sis. Fowler with my mom and I 
The Amazing Raheema and I 

The Incredible Sis. Riggs and I 

The Leeds Sister's and I on there p-day 

The Lovely Sis. Dunbar, my mom and I at the mission office

I always wanted a picture of this sign on our way down
from Montgomery and I finally was able to get it this time.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bucket list for the next chapter of my life

So I know I haven't been putting the most positive blogs up lately and I don't understand it because I really am a happy person. I promise you this. So I decided to change this one up a bit by putting some goals I have been thinking about lately seeing as I am a little behind on the learning curve. So My bucket list for the next five years of my life is to...( In no Particular order)
1. Graduate with a bachelors degree in something to help further my knowledge and Life.
2. Pay off my car and student loans during this next 5 years.
3. Travle with my friends and/or family to New York City, Italy, and possibly other European country's and possibly cabo or other awesome Tropical Island. Oh and back to Alabama a few other times as well.
4. Go on more adventures like Hiking, Biking, Camping, And help other's
5. Find a wonderful man whom I love and get married
6. Be more open minded to experiencing new food, activities and way's of living.
7. Loose 80 lb and keep it off healthily(aka make this my lifestyle change)
8. Find more Volunteer Opportunities and fully commit to do them.
9. Become more Virtuous, Honest, and Trustworthy to all in my life.
10. Love Always, Live much, and Laugh Often.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Things We Do for Love

I Just completed my first semester back after my mission and to be honest, it has been bittersweet. I may just continue my higher education forever because as much as I would love to be done. When I do it, I feel best about myself. Especially about the work I was able to accomplish. Most the time though. I feel like i'm not doing enough or I'm not good enough to accomplish the work that is required of me to do. I took my last and final math class as far as I know because my major for special education does not require any further information then math 1050. I always enjoyed math before hand because it was strait forward and to the point about numbers that for some odd reason gave me structure in my life. This semester though, I let my teacher and my surroundings get to me and the tension of being done got to me so all though there were some mishap's and mistakes I learned that hard work is the key. When you get frustrated at your teacher who has a heavy germane accent telling you  "you have to do the work."  all you can think to tell him is "I am doing the work the only way I have been taught, professor." then it gets a little tense on test. I have never done well on test before. That is why I have had to go from the beginning and work a little harder then some other's. Its has made it harder to be the honest true individual that I have always strived  to be, its what I want in my life most. To have so many insecurities in your life and be comfortable with it is a lot harder then it seems. As I went through the class though; I was able to find good people. Who could really help me understand the concepts and the principles. It was when I did the best I ever have on a math test, I got a 90 on it. People still made me feel so insecure about it because more then half the class got a hundred percent. Then to have my teacher call me out in front of all of them saying I was by far the most improved student when my teacher proceeded to say about me "she almost has an A in the class." well that just killed me it was my biggest down fall and it was the class before the final. I was mortified that he would say that to any one except me. And where did it get me?  I totally choked on the final. This post probably seems very negative and poor me right well it kind of is but I am writing this because writing seems to be the only way for me to get things out and this has a point in the grand scheme of my life as well. One of my goal's for life is to become a teacher. I never understood what it took to be a teacher especially a special education teacher as I still don't but am gaining more of an understanding of it as I have worked with these individual's for years now and It is just now clicking to me that It takes a lot to be the type of teacher, mentor, friend, person that I want to become and that takes hard work and patients in our lives because we may say patients is not our virtue but it is a part of our lives wither we want it to be or not. So if i'm not willing to go through my struggles, my insecurities and do the things that will get me there; then I don't deserve to be a teacher to those kids. If I'm willing to bend the rules or not be exactly obedient to the principles I have learned to be true;  I cannot become the teacher, mother, individual that I want to be in my life. I just saw this picture on my facebook from a dear sweet lady whom I love. and I thought it was perfect for this. Have a great summer I will be talking to y'all soon again.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happiness Make the World go Round

I would just like to start off by saying I love Tender Mercies with all of my heart and the blessings it brings to me through the love of Christ. I just love answered prayers and the joy and love that this gospel brings in my life. I Know that it is the whole entire truth of gods church on this earth and I invite you all to find out for your self if it is true because I know you can. I love opportunities to not have things go according to your own plan because you can see the lords plan is what truly prevails and makes things so much better. I have really been struggling with accepting my role here in Utah right now and trying to figure it out because I have been home for just sort of 7 months now and I would originally be coming home in one more transfer 6 weeks and it has been a real struggle for me to understand why I couldn't still be there in Alabama. Then I realized that the lord know's. he know's why I went he know's why I had the overwhelming feelings that I needed to come home earlier and get help in recovering with my health. He know's the people I need in my life and so I simply just need to put my faith in him and live the principals that I had the honor of teaching for 10 months in Alabama. I tell those I meet daily that it is the best decision i have made to date in my life and I fully mean that. It has changed my life. He is my guide and the only one that I need to rely on and even though its hard at times he help's me to see the blessings I can have from it and I can't thank him enough for being my best friend and my guide and my brother and everything I need in my life. I love this gospel and I love this song that I am going to share and I hope you can all Liston and see how you can use it in your own lives. Thank you all so much for being such great examples to me of this gospel I know I need all the help I can get. Enjoy your wonderful Sabbath as well.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things that keep me sane right now

So I was reading my good friend's blog the other night and she talking about the type of RM She want's to be now and her struggle to do so but trust me she is an inspiration to us all in all she does. So this is my version of the some of the Tender Mercies in my life at this time. Through my journey to become a better RM and Better Person in General
l. The Happy Bubbly Girls in my classes that make me feel like I really am doing the write thing right now even when most of the other boy's look at me like " Did She really just ask that?"
2. Amazing Pep talks from Good ol George in My Current love BMW
3. Cute moments at work when One of those I work for gets treated like a princess and even gets a kiss on the cheek from an nice English man.
4. Having a free weekend to Study, Clean and have dinner with my favorite people.
5. Looking forward to seeing more of my favorite people in a few weekends.
6. All the Tender Mercies that happen at work and boy are there many.
7. The joy of riding in my car listening to my music and appreciating  the fact that I have these gifts and I have So many way's to be grateful for the things that may or may not be bringing me Stress in my life but I do know that they are all here for my good and I am grateful for the opportunities, The Stresses and, The obstetrical's  that are along the way. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm Moving on Up

This past weekend I was able to go up to Logan to talk to some advisers and get a feel for the land that I will be going to school at next fall. Yup that's right I will be moving up northward to Logan, UT to go to school and get my teaching degree in special education. It was a great weekend and I have a few pictures to show you how I experienced the life up in Logan. So Enjoy because I know I sure did.
We Attempted to clean the sink we pretty much did though.

The Beautiful Logan Temple 

Another beautiful view of the temple

Brock and I at the Hockey Game 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

So I decided I am the worst blogger ever lately but its only because my life is so consumed by the crazyness that we call life. You know what they say though, A picture is worth a thousand words so I have a bunch to do the talking enjoy and I'll talk to Y'all soon
Check out my new Ride she's a beauty 

Crazy night with an awesome guy 

Love and hello for y'all 

Ain't my nephew so darn cute

Kind of blurry but still very pretty 

ROLL TIDE Alabama Won baby 

Mi Mudda, Metcalf and Me 

Like mother like daughter Love this girl.