Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year New Goals

I'll be honest with y'all here I hardly ever write down new years goals ever until now. why you might ask sense I have heard every line in the book about if you don't write it down then you will never do it! I get that however I am a much more visual kind of person in this sense because I love taking pictures of ways that describe me or who I want to become and that works for me! its not the same for everyone else and I do understand that! I just decided that this year I am going to write down the things that I want and need most in my life right now because then I can come take a picture of it from my blog:)

1. I need to be more diligent at writing down a food journal because now that I am not at school walking around as much and I'm here at a desk for most of my day I need to be more aware of all that I am eating and being 100% accountable for the choices I am making!

2. I am also determined to exercise a minimum of 4 days a week and hopefully more as I know I am the only one that can change me!

3.  I really want to learn more about the nature of my Heavenly Father and Brother Jesus Christ better because I just feel you can never know enough about them and I really feel this will help me feel more confident in all I need to do this coming year!

4. I want to find opportunities to read all of the books that I have now to help me stay active in my education even though I have graduated with my bachelors degree now and also look more into Master Programs I can get into!

I'm starting out with these ones and Maybe add more along the way as I get into the habit of doing these ones!