Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Life Lessions

So I'm on a bit of a Writing kick as of lately! this time around I really want to talk about Vulnerability and life lessons that I can focus on living more fully these days!  it can be incredibly difficult when it just turns the wrong way for a variety of reasons so I have decided to put a few lessons i have learned along this journey!

  • Simply Trust in God in who he is, What he does, and what he has already made of each one of us here no matter what you believe:)  
  • Work hard in All that you do and You Will be taken care of in the end! 
  • Find Faith in Every Trial you may have big or Small! 
  • Take the risk of being more vulnerable than you were before and enjoy where it takes you and what you learn from it all because "No one can make you inferior without your consent!"(Eleanor Roosevelt)  
  • Always Believe You Can Do Hard Things, Because you Can! 
  • Turn Your Dreams into Goals and you really will achieve more in your life! 
  • Be Kind Always, We really don't know what someone else is going through!! 
  • Laughing burns more calories:)!!!  
  • Do what you Love, Love what you do! 
  • Keep Keepin on, It really isn't the end of the world:) 
  • Trust yourself more!
  • Live fully, Love Yourself Always, Laugh when you want to cry
I have found that these tips I have heard one way or another truly do not change hard times from coming into each of our lives, but  they sure do help me to enjoy the ride a whole lot more then if I didn't know them and feel the strength that it gives me in my life! I hope y'all have a Blessed day now!