Wednesday, November 9, 2016


So yesterday was a great day, I woke up I got ready for the day and I went out to vote! As my civic duty, I appreciate the opportunity to vote and put my opinion into action better and as a freedom that I now have and have had throughout my life I felt I owe it to so many woman who once didn't have that chance! Who I voted for may not be the popular vote or maybe it was! But I got to be informed enough to go and cast my ballot and stand up for what I believe and what I personally know to be right:)! That to me is so much more then hearing all of the bickering and the negativity and the hate that inevitably surrounds people I'm around right now and frankly I'm thinking no wonder i have been having more meltdowns and anxiety in my life more lately, of course there are so many other factors as to why this is happening to me but I'm tired of being afraid to voice the taboo subjects that are inevitably are causing me to have more panic attacks and doubt in my head of who I really am!
     Yes I deal with anxiety and depression and a few other issues that prevent me from physically and mentally feeling excited to be the Child of God that I believe is in me and yes this leads me to not be in a place where I am entirely comfortable moving forward in being as confident as I know I could be!  I'm honestly just trying to be the best me I can be as I'm sure we all are trying to do and over the years that has taken a toll on me and what my goals are in my life! My main focus in writing all of this down though, is to say be kind, and know that it Will all Work Out in our lives and I say that mostly for myself because I have truly felt more broken in my own life as of lately then I ever thought I would and I will need this reminder in my life more each day! I really have so much love and hope and faith in my savior, and brother/Best Friend in my life and that is enough for me to keep going, keep Trying, and most of all keep loving with all my heart:)


Parth Bhavnani said...

Hello! I was just reading through a number of random google blogs (I do that occasionally, mostly after I post something on my own blog) and I came across this post...I agree with what you said, and I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know that I think you're an amazing writer...keep up the good work! I will visit your blog again, for sure!

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